Your Project, Start to Finish

Our Mission

We start every new project by developing a relationship. We understand our customer’s work on the water. Then we build a boat to the highest standards of quality and durability to get the job done.

We build boats for customers who know boats. We also build for those who have never bought or designed a boat before. Our team is here to guide you, no matter your level of expertise. The common theme with our customers is that they’re all happy they selected Lake Assault.

Here are a few other aspects that make us different:

Our Materials

  • We use only the highest quality Marine grade aluminum plate and extrusions manufactured in the United States, which provide a higher strength-to-weight ratio than fiberglass or steel.
  • Aluminum is durable, fireproof, flexible and corrosion-resistant, and are typically easier to repair than other hull materials.
  • Wide, deep V-shaped hulls deliver precise, responsive handling and a smooth ride in the most extreme conditions for any mission.

Our Construction

  • Boats are built by Lake Assault from start to finish in our shop in Superior, Wisconsin, 100% made in the USA.
  • Aluminum cut in house to ensure it meets our High Standards.
  • Lake Assault is part of Fraser Shipyards, a 125-year-old legendary Great Lakes shipyard. You can be confident that we have the resources and capabilities to build the boat you need.

Our Commitment

  • Our team’s industry expertise, along with our insistence on quality and safety, ensure your success on the water.
  • Our boats are tested on Lake Superior, the largest freshwater lake in the world. You can be certain your boat is ready to perform in the toughest conditions.
  • Our people are as passionate about building custom watercraft as you are about accomplishing your mission, ensuring your boat is always “AS TOUGH AS THE PEOPLE WHO USE THEM”.

Our Staff

You want more than a boat. We understand that. The real difference at Lake Assault Boats is our focus on your needs and your mission. After all, you want a tool, not just a boat. With every project we rethink and revamp our processes to give you what you need.

It starts with a conversation. Our team is ready to get started.

Our Staff

Chad DuMars

Vice President of Operations & New Construction

Amy Sheda

QA & Project Admin

Adam Riggle

Admin Assistant

Bill Gasparek

New Construction Manager

Mike Henning

Production Manager

Chris Ronningen

Customer/Quality Specialist

Jack Sigafus

Production Manager

Trevor Wiermaa

FPM Foreman

Jacob Ouren

Custom Rigging Foreman

Bryce Maeder

Custom Fab Foreman

Colton TePoel


Richard Hamilton

Program & Project Manager

Matt Remark

Project Manager

Max Plotnik

QC Inspector II

Sheyla Matos

Director of Engineering/Naval Architecture

Jeremy Jacobson

Marine Designer

Brian LeBlanc

Marine Engineer

Carter DuMars

Marine Designer

Brian Miltakis

Technician Specialist

Mark Johnson


Bob Beck

Director of Sales & Marketing

David Turnipseed

Regional Sales Manager

Smokey Glover

Director of Operations, East Coast

Sarah Busch

Admin & Material Coordinator, East Coast

Ralph Capotosto

Service Manager, East Coast

Your Project, Start to Finish

It’s starts with you. What do you need to get done one the water? How can a boat solve your problem or accomplish your mission? That’s all you need to get started with Lake Assault Boats. We have clients who are boat experts. We have many more who have never purchased a boat. All have jobs to do. All talk to us about their missions and how a boat can help.

After those conversations, we set to work to design a watercraft to achieve the goal. But for us, it always starts with you and the work you need to get done on the water.

Visualize and Adjust

Once we understand your needs, we set to work designing a custom craft to get your job done. Our conversations together haven’t ended. In fact, they’ve just begun. Our team of marine architects, using the latest in computer-assisted design software and extensive knowledge of attributes and equipment to include in your boat, creates a plan. Your boat comes to life in a design.

We then work with you, tweak the plan–and sometimes even make wholesale changes. What matters is your satisfaction and confidence that your new boat will do what you need it to do. We explain every step of the way to make sure we achieve the goal–a custom boat that will get your job done.

Quality Materials, Construction

Once we have a plan, we start your build. Your boat takes shape inside our shop, which is part of a legendary 125-year-old Great Lakes shipyard. Yes, Lake Assault’s DNA is infused with more than a century of experience building ships that can take whatever the Great Lakes have to dish out. We combine that legacy with the most modern fabrication techniques and the best materials and tools. Our expert team cuts all of the aluminum that makes up our boats. And you won’t find an assembly line anywhere in our shop. All of our boats are different. All of them are custom builds.

Throughout construction, we stay connected to you, with regular messages and phone conversations, including pictures to show you and your team your boat as it comes together. Many of our clients also visit our shop in Superior, WI, as we build. We want and need your involvement every step of the way.

Tested, Delivered–and Mission Ready

When your boat is complete, our work is far from finished. We put every new Lake Assault boat through extensive marine and systems testing right outside our headquarters on Lake Superior. We make sure all components work exactly as designed so you can start using them immediately. When everything’s just right, we deliver your boat and train you and your team on all aspects of operation. We drill during the day, at night and in all conditions that you and your team are likely to encounter.

When we’re done, you not only have a custom watercraft specifically designed to accomplish your mission. You also have a team of experts–your team–that knows exactly how to use your new boat to get your job done.

Leadership Perspectives: Executive Testimonials at Lake Assault Boats

We have the honor and privilege to work with the best customers in the world. Whether it be the U.S. Armed Forces, Special Operations Forces, Fire Departments across the country, international or local and state Law Enforcement departments, all our team members take intense pride in our workmanship and quality and put the same passion and care into every vessel we build.

Chad DuMars
VP of Operations, New Construction

Lake Assault is known across the globe for the strength and quality of our builds. This commitment to our customers is demonstrated every day around the world, from The Rivers of Vietnam and the Middle East to the shores of Chesapeake Bay and beyond. No matter if you need a new fire, police, or work boat or even just modifications or repairs to your existing fleet, Lake Assault Boats, has the skills, capabilities, and resources to meet your needs anywhere, anytime. When it comes to Waterflow management for Firefighting, Lake Assault is the “GO-TO” in the industry! No one understands your needs better than Lake Assault.

Bob Beck
Global Director of Sales

Interactive Boat Builder

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